New Wonder Woman 1984 Poster Has Diana Using the Lasso of Truth

We're still a few months away from its August release but DC and Warner Bros have graced us with a brand-new Wonder Woman 1984 poster, showcasing how this will be a more colorful film when compared to the first. The neon aesthetic was already shown in previous posters but this one also has the Lasso of Truth and it looks pretty awesome, managing not to look too gaudy while Diana is in her golden armor.

Admittedly, knowing that the Lasso of Truth will be in this movie is far from a reveal since we've seen it in action during the initial trailer but it does make for a neat visual in this poster. Some of you kinky fans might want Diana to tie you up but that's for an entirely different conversation. Go to Reddit for that kind of stuff ya nerds.

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Credit: DC/Warner Bros

It will be interesting to see just how far they go with this neon aesthetic and how this setting will inform us about Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. As we wait for more details and trailers, all we can do is hope that the sequel is a good one, improving on the solid foundation that the first film was able to build.

There was some controversy when it was announced that Steve Trevor would be returning after his heroic death in Wonder Woman but director Patty Jenkins has promised a solid explanation for this. Frankly, they better not try killing him again since it just won't have the same emotional impact it had from the first film. Let's just wait and see.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled for an August 14 release.

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