17 Dec 2019 3:58 PM +00:00 UTC

New Watchmen VFX Breakdown Reveals Some Unexpected CGI


Watchmen was a show that required a lot of VFX magic, and to its credit, it does it use it to its very best potential. Just in, HBO has dropped an official deep dive into the special effects of one of the most acclaimed shows of 2019.

What’s amazing is, the show actually needed CGI with things we didn’t even expect. As it turns out, Looking Glass’ mirror mask was completely CG, and Tim Blake Nelson was mostly wearing a mo-cap rig for when he played the character onscreen.


We also didn’t expect it, but the shootout in the first episode with the multiple cows also made use of several fake CGI cows. They even used CG to add some period cars in the Hooded Justice flashback episode.

For all the CG that the series was able to pull off though, I’m sure a lot of people have something to say about Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s full Dr. Manhattan look. Admittedly Zack Snyder’s version is still the better looking one, but that one was brought to life with the budget of an entire film. We have to consider how this series had to allocate the budget for other features—not just Manhattan.

With the finale having aired, a lot of people are singing their praises to Damon Lindelof’s follow-up to Alan Moore’s groundbreaking comic. We may never know what Moore himself thinks of the show, but everyone thinks this is one way to handle a faithful adaptation/sequel.

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