New Video Reveals GameStop Executives Forcing Staff to Ignore COVID-19 Updates

There is little doubt that people are still shocked that GameStop is choosing to keep its doors open amidst the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). However, it looks like the company is also going out of its way to deny just how serious the pandemic could be. A new video reveals a conference call involving several GameStop executives who are forcing their workers to ignore warnings about COVID-19.

The shocking video has been uploaded by YouTube CAMELOT331 who happened upon a regional conference call between GameStop employees and executives. The meeting was supposed to address COVID-19 and although it is initially believed that the execs were going to provide safety precautions for the staff, it turned out otherwise. In the call, the execs pointedly told the workers to ignore news updates about the pandemic.

Interestingly, the employees are told to rely on information about COVID-19 that is provided by GameStop itself. In addition to that, any questions from workers who are worried about compensation if they choose to self-isolate were ignored. Moreover, the executives took time to state that the company is currently thriving despite the ongoing pandemic.

It's a shocking revelation considering that almost every other company out there is currently taking safety measures amidst COVID-19. Sadly, the decision could endanger not just the staff but the customers who come to their stores as well. For now, GameStop has yet to comment on the leaked conference call.

What do you think of GameStop's decision to go about their business as usual? Sound off in the comments below.

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