New Valorant Ranked Gun Buddies Coming in Episode 2

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Episode 1 of Valorant is almost over, and Riot Games has a year-end surprise for fans of the popular tactical shooter.

Riot has announced the new rank-based gun buddies that players will receive in Episode 2 depending on which rank they stand at the end of the first episode.


The tweet reveals a look at all the upcoming ranked gun buddies ranging from Iron to Radiant.

Riot said that all the Act Ranks will be locked on Jan. 11, 2021 so if you want to upgrade your ranked gun buddies, you only have a few weeks left to grind up the ranks.

The Act Rank for each Valorant player is based on the top nine wins in a ranked match of that player during that Act.

The upcoming gun buddies will surely motivates players like me to achieve a higher rank. I'm currently Bronze 2 right now, and the highest I achieved was Silver 2. Solo queuing is tough in the game, especially when you get bad random teammates.

You can watch me stream at my Jake Vyper Facebook page.

What ranked gun buddies do you think you will get? Let us know in the comments below.

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