09 Dec 2020 4:23 PM +00:00 UTC

New Valorant Castle Map Shown in Teaser at First Strike Korea

A new Valorant map might be released in the near future, and it looks like Riot Games has already shared a teaser at the Korean leg of the First Strike tournament.

The opening ceremony of the event featured spectacular visuals and performances from choreographers, DekTeukCrew. During the cool dance performance, a teaser was shown that gives us a sneak peek into what could be a new map.

Check out this breakdown video by YouTuber Valorant Hub:

The teaser appears to explore what looks like a medieval castle, with iron gates, a wheel mechanism for opening the gate, and winding staircases. The new possible map may accompany Episode 2 of Valorant. The never-before-seen location follows on from the latest map, Icebox in the teaser's run through the five existing maps, so it makes sense that this could be the next map.

A castle themed map would be a refreshing addition to Riot's popular FPS, as other maps featured futuristic styles of cities like Split and arctic bases like Icebox.

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