New Valorant Agent, Killjoy, Coming Next Week

After accidentally being leaked early, Riot has officially revealed the next Valorant agent: Killjoy. Riot also released a trailer introducing the new agent to give us a look at her high-tech abilities. You can watch the awesome trailer above.

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Credit: Riot Games

Killjoy is an inventive German genius with deadly robots. She can send an explosive Alarmbot to hurt enemies, toss nanoswarm grenades, deploy a tiny turret, and trap others with her Lockdown ultimate.

You can read every ability and description from the Killjoy introduction page:

Alarmbot (C) - Equip and deploy a bot that hunts down enemies who dare to get in range. When my killer robot friend reaches its target, boom goes the idiot. Alarmbot not only deals damage, it temporarily leaves affected targets vulnerable to double damage from all sources. Hold equip if you want to recall your deployed bot.
Turret (Q) - Sometimes it's good to plant some roots. Deploy a turret that fires at enemies within its 180-degree cone. Hold equip to recall the deployed turret. With my turret, I can hold an area pretty well myself while the others cover the angles I can't.
Nanoswarm (E) - OK check this out. Throw the grenade. When it lands, it goes quiet. Then, activate the Nanoswarm to deploy a damaging swarm of nanobots and catch the enemy crying. I love this trick!
Lockdown (Ultimate) - You'll have to adjust your timing for the windup, but once you get this device going, it detains all enemies caught in its radius for about 8 seconds. Yeah, enemies can destroy it—except I built plenty more.

Clearly, Killjoy is a defensive character much like Cypher, and her abilities will be great at holding down sites. Her turret doesn't seem to inflict a lot of damage but her nanoswarm grenade looks overpowered. Her Lockdown ultimate looks powerful at slowing down opponents - a strategy perfect in critical bomb site situations.

Killjoy will be released in Act 2 of Valorant, on August 4.

Are you excited to see Killjoy in action? Let us know in the comments section below what you think.

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