New Trailer For Marvel's Luke Cage Released

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Ahead of Luke Cage's Netflix premiere this Friday, Marvel Television and Netflix have released a new trailer titled "Streets". 

The trailer features a lot of exciting footage from what many are saying is the best Marvel TV show ever made. We also get more footage featuring the show's villains, Cottonmouth and Black Mariah. Watch the new trailer: 




Marvel’s Luke Cage is the third Netflix series building up to the Marvel’s Defenders crossover event, following Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones and ahead of Marvel’s Iron Fist. Colter will star as Cage, an ex-convict who whose skin was made unbreakable by a science experiment. After his bar in Hell’s Kitchen was destroyed during the events of Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 1, Cage is making his way into Harlem. He’ll try to make the neighborhood a safer place while steering clear of the police himself.

The first season of Luke Cage will premiere on Netflix on September 30.