New Stranger Things 3: The Game Video is a Shot-for-Shot Remake of Season 3 Trailer

Stranger Things 3: The Game is looking to be one of the more fun licensed games coming out this year. Coinciding with the third season's debut on July 24, it's giving beat-em-up fans a fun way to replay the show with their Nintendo Switch (or other gaming consoles). To celebrate, we got a new teaser trailer and it does something really special; re-enacts the trailer of Stranger Things season 3.

That's right, we get to see a ton of moments from that trailer in 16-bit form and it's really neat. It's a bit disappointing to see all the spoken dialogue as text onscreen, with no voice acting added in the trailer, but the fact that the game managed to re-do a number of moments from that video is really cool.

Also, the monster that appears at the end of the trailer looks really good in video game form. Seriously, we bet that thing was made for the game first and added to the show later. Okay, we kid, but the monster looks awesome in video game form.

Fans will be able to play Stranger Things 3: The Game on July 24 for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. That same date is also when the series' third season debuts, so fans have a lot of the franchise to enjoy.

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