New RPG From Pokemon Creators Coming to Switch in 2019

Game Freak have built up quite the reputation for themselves with the mainline Pokemon games so when the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation announced a new IP from the developers, fans got interested. This new game is a new RPG called Town, which is still a working title, and it is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Set in a small town that is constantly attacked by monsters, players will have to protect villagers from these threats. Most of the story is in the town itself and those are the only details released thus far. It will also have a classic JRPG battle system and players will be able to summon some villagers for unique attacks, which sounds fun.

The announcement of Town was actually a breath of fresh air since most of the new games revealed in the presentation were either from existing franchises (Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing) or ports of older games (New Super Mario Bros. U, Final Fantasy XII). New IP is always something worth getting excited about, let's just hope that it's a quality RPG in its own right.

It's interesting seeing a new Game Freak game in 2019 since the company is also working on a new mainline Pokemon game after the Let's Go titles. Since neither game has a proper release date, we aren't sure which one will be coming out first.

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