New One Piece Live-Action Footage Coming Soon, Says Showrunner

one piece live-action netflix footage luffy

one piece live-action netflix footage luffy

It has been years now since the show was revealed, though we’ve yet to see any clip or screenshot from the show. But recently, the One Piece live-action series’ showrunner revealed that fans will get to see something new very soon, possibly new footage.

Specifically, Netflix’s One Piece series showrunner Matt Owens revealed in a recent discussion on YouTube that fans are in for a treat very soon.

Aside from new footage to come soon, Owens also shared interesting tidbits about the show’s characters.

One Piece Live-Action Showrunner Teases Mihawk, Nami

one piece dracule mihawk
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During the hours-long discussion hosted by Randy Try, Owens shared lots of interesting info about the show.

While no specific details were mentioned, some upcoming moments and characters were hyped.

For starters, Owens revealed that Mihawk is his favorite character in the live-action series.

While he did not go into too much detail, this should mean the Baratie Arc is going to have an impressive scale similar to the manga’s depiction.

The Baratie Arc also serves as the introduction of Sanji, and Owens mentioned something interesting about his actor, Taz Skylar.

Specifically, Owens said that Skylar wanted to do as many of the stunts as possible.

Given Sanji’s unique fighting style, it’ll be interesting to see how the upcoming anime will adapt Sanji’s kicking moves.

Finally, Owens hyped up the “Help me” scene from the Arlong Park Arc. This is an iconic scene from the manga, so it’s promising that the show’s creators have taken special care in bringing this moment to life.

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Netflix One Piece Live-Action Series New Footage to Be Revealed Soon

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Aside from teasing these upcoming moments in the show, Owens also said that fans “will have something new to see very soon.” This likely means Netflix will share the first teaser sometime soon.

There have been some reports that the upcoming series will be released in mid-2023.

While unconfirmed, it makes sense considering that the show was filmed in early to mid-2022.

Given the track record of live-action anime adaptations, many series fans are apprehensive about this upcoming series.

Though Owens mentioned that everyone who worked on the show loves One Piece.

This, coupled with the fact that series creator Eiichiro Oda is heavily involved, means there’s hope that this Netflix live-action adaptation might please fans.

Still, we have to wait a while before we get our first proper look at the upcoming series.

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