New Official American Gods Trailer Is Seriously Bloody

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Before Bryan Fuller was attached to American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery, he was working with Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal. Now that show was one insane gorefest, and the new teaser for American Gods looks just as violent.

We get a look at all the other gods in the show like Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy and Kristin Chenowith as Easter. The new gods also get highlighted as well, giving us a new look at Crispin Glover's Mr. World, as well as another look at Tech Boy played by Bruce Langley.


I'm really excited to see how Fuller and his team are going to pull of the series. The book has a lot of bizarre imagery that could be tricky to translate into video, but seeing as Hannibal was chock-full of visual poetry and style, I'm not worried that American Gods won't be able to pull off the same thing.

Here's the synopsis:

The traditional Old Gods, with mythological roots from around the world, fear irrelevance as their believers die off or are seduced by the money, technology, and celebrity offered by the New Gods. Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) is an ex-con who, left adrift by the recent death of his wife, becomes bodyguard and traveling partner to conman Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). But in truth, Mr. Wednesday is a powerful old deity, on a cross-country mission to build an army and reclaim his lost glory.

American Gods premieres on Starz on April 30.

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