New Mythical Pokemon Will be Announced for Sword and Shield Next Month

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Despite some controversy, Pokemon Sword and Shield continue to sell out, gaining just as many fans as previous games, even if they lost some older ones in the process. At this point, we're never going to see Pokemon fully mature into a proper JRPG and if it does, expect less than a hundred Pokemon but for they are, Sword and Shield are good games. We're already waiting for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass but The Pokemon Company has revealed that a new mythical Pokemon will be shown next month.

No details on this new mythical Pokemon have been revealed but the creature is expected to debut on Pokemon The Movie: Coco, which has Ash and Pikachu meet a boy in the jungle. Expect to see the mythical Pokemon play a big role in the story, similar to what Marshadow did in Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You.


All we can do is hope that the new mythical Pokemon looks really cool or cute since anything in between tends to get forgotten by fans. If it's a cute Pokemon that turns into a cool one, that will get brownie points from a lot of us. As it stands, we'll have to wait and see if this new Pokemon is cool in any way.

We're all hoping that this mythical Pokemon ends up being part of the Dynamax/Gigantama Max raids. Most of us are assuming that the Pokemon will be a Mystery Gift, which wouldn't surprise anyone who's seen any of his works. Let's hope for the best.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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