New MCU Report Sheds Light on Victoria Alonso's Shocking Exit

Earlier this week, we learned the shocking news that Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso exited after 17 years of service. The news caught a lot of fans off-guard and there are speculations that her exit might be due to the criticisms that Marvel Studios is getting recently in terms of the quality of their projects and the reports surrounding the treatment of VFX workers.

Since then, fans have been wondering and theorizing about the "smoking gun" that led to Alonso's exit. There are also questions about whether she was actually fired by Disney or whether it was Alonso's choice to leave the company that she served for almost two decades.

Now, we have our first information on the circumstance regarding Alonso's exit from Marvel Studios. According to a report from Variety, the now-former Marvel executive was actually fired and she was blindsided by the whole situation.

While the actual reason behind her firing was unclear at this point, the report did reveal that the decision was made by human resources, Disney's legal department, and multiple executives including entertainment co-chairman Alan Bergman. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige apparently "felt mired" and decided not to intervene.

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The report also claimed that the insiders they spoke to disputed the reports that Alonso is responsible for the alleged toxic work entertainment surrounding the VFX artists in the MCU projects and blamed it on the studio's "inability to provide clear guidelines."

Another source cited in the report also threw out the idea that Alonso singled out individual artists. "The idea of a very senior exec terrifying rank and file artists, per some reports, feels a bit off," they said.

There are also up-and-coming MCU actors who were cited in the article that showed their agreement that Alonso was a supportive executive while a former Disney film executive was cited saying, "She was the epitome of professional and knows her stuff."

So far, Disney and Marvel Studios have not announced or made a decision yet regarding Alonso's replacement as president of physical production, post-production, VFX, and animation. Her exit is also not expected to affect the release of the upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

With this new report, we now have more context regarding Alonso's exit from the studio and it would be interesting to see whether we will be getting the specific reason in the coming days as we're still dealing with the aftermath of Marvel Studios' biggest management shakeup yet.

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