New Magic: The Gathering Sengir From Commander Legends to Be Revealed at CommandFest Online

Magic: The Gathering Commander players will have a lot of exciting things to look forward to at this weekend's CommandFest Online. Wizards of the Coast will be revealing more details about the upcoming Commander Legends, a Commander set designed to be drafted, and it will feature new legendary cards.

MTG designers Gavin Verhey, Ari Nieh, and Jules Robins will feature a panel that will reveal more information about Commander Legends, and to get us hyped for the announcement, Verhey released a new Good Morning Magic video to remind us what we know about the upcoming set so far.

The cards in Commander Legends are not focused on a single plane, and it's larger than a typical Magic set. Each pack contains 20 cards instead of 15 with two legendary characters and a foil card. There are 70 brand new legends, and there will be a green Magus card that will complete the Magus cycle. Verhey said that the new Baron Sengir card will be revealed at CommandFest Online on Saturday.

Here's the new art of the Baron Sengir card:

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

The panel will be livestramed on at 10 AM PT.

Are you excited to find out about the future of Commander? Let us know in the comments below.

Commander Legends is set to release sometime in Q4 2020. It will feature 70 brand new legends

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