New Magic: The Gathering Companion App Video Reveals Features For Playing in MTG Events

Wizards of the Coast has launched the Magic: The Gathering Companion app, the official mobile tool for playing in events at your local game store, at home, and in competitions. Today, the company has released a new video showing off the Companion's features such as keeping track of life totals and other counters, joining local game store events, organizing touranments at home, and set up pairings.

Watch the video above:

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There's also functionality that allows everyone participating in an event to get the latest information for the event as soon as it's available and gives more control over tournament scorekeeping to ensure the event runs smoothly. Players can log in using their Wizards Account, the same account they use to access things like Magic: The Gathering Arena.

This looks like a great tool for casual and competitive tabletop play. I'm surely going to use this app when I start playing tabletop Magic again.

The Magic Companion app is now available in Google Play and the App store in all languages that Magic is currently published in

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