New Key Visual for Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Teases Misty and Brock's Return, Ash’s Eevee, and More

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The Pokemon Sun and Moon anime have been a breath of fresh air for fans, much like how the original Sun and Moon games were for veterans of the series when they first came out. Maybe it's the series' wonderful animation or the fact that Ash is a little more interesting here than he normally is but the anime is actually pretty fun.

We now have a new key visual for the anime's latest arc and it should make fans very happy. Misty and Brock can be seen, implying that they will be the ones visiting Alola rather than Ash going back to Kanto.

There's also an Eevee with a different hairstyle front and center, which could mean that Ash will have an Eevee for the first time in his Pokemon Trainer career. This is likely being done to promote the Let's Go games coming to Switch this November.


Interestingly enough, Hau will be making his debut in the anime. Those that have played Sun and Moon know that Hau is a super nice guy, often complimenting you on your victories and healing your Pokemon after fights. The anime has taken liberties with the games before, like Mimikyu hating Pikachu with a vengeance, so Hau might not be as friendly here like he is in the games.

The new season of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon begins in October in Japan.

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