New Hawkeye Image Teases Tense Kate Bishop vs Maya Lopez Moment

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It's almost time for the next episode of Hawkeye and we just got an amazing teaser for this week's episode. A new image from Episode 3 confirms that we will see more of Maya Lopez. Interestingly, the photo also suggests that Echo will be facing off against Kate Bishop this Wednesday!

The new Hawkeye Episode 3 still is making its rounds on Twitter and already has fans hyped up for an epic fight between two strong women. The photo features Maya Lopez facing Kate Bishop across a table and it looks like the women are preparing to fight. Check it out here.

We're loving the idea of Kate going up against Maya Lopez considering that we've already seen the future Hawkeye in action. However, we have yet to see what Echo can do and we're hoping she does A LOT. Needless to say, we can't wait to see this match between Kate and Maya this week.

Maya Lopez already got an amazing intro in the second episode of Hawkeye. When Kate and Clint Barton were finally captured by the Tracksuit Mafia, they quickly informed their leader about their prisoners. It was then revealed that Maya is actually their leader.


Speaking of the Tracksuit Mafia, the scene-stealing gangsters got their own awesome Hawkeye character poster. Check it out below.

For now, the premise of Hawkeye Episode 3 is still a mystery. However, there are speculations that it will kick off immediately where the previous episode ended. That means we could see Maya Lopez introducing herself to Kate and Clint. Echo might also reveal why the Tracksuits are trying to get their hands on Avengers gear.

The third episode of Hawkeye has not yet been given an official title. Nevertheless, Episode 3 is already set to premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

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