06 Mar 2019 4:20 PM +00:00

New Green Arrow Comic Series in the Works After Issue #50 Cancellation

Fans were pretty shocked when DC Comics announced that they would be ending Green Arrow after issue #50 since it was one of the company's stronger titles when Rebirth started. Granted, the comic lost a lot of momentum when writer Benjamin Percy left the series but it could have easily rebounded with a big-name writer or two.

Well, during an episode of DC Daily, co-publisher Dan DiDio revealed that there are plans to relaunch the title sometime after the release of issue #50. No creative team has been announced but DiDio feels that a relaunch is necessary so that the series feels fresh again, similar to how Green Lanterns was canceled for something like The Green Lantern from Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp.

"So because of that, it worked counter to the way the series was going and we didn't want to run in two separatedirections. So we're bringing one story to close and let this other chapter going.But to be very frank with you, we will have another Green Arrow book. He's one of my favorite characters."

No news yet on a possible new creative team for the character but it will be interesting to see how they change up the character. Benjamin Percy's run on Green Arrow fully embraced the fact that Oliver Queen was a Social Justice Warrior so we should expect something similar when the relaunch comes, whenever that is.


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