New Dune Trailer Teases Paul Atreides with Blue-Within-Blue Eyes

It has been a long wait for the new Dune trailer but it's definitely worth it. The new teaser focuses on the mysterious Chani, the terror that the Harkonnens have dealt on Arrakis, and Paul Atreides finally getting the Eyes of Ibad.

The trailer opens with a gorgeous look at Arrakis as Chani (Zendaya) describes her planet. She also reveals how the "outsiders" have terrorized the Fremen as they took over Arrakis. However, she calls out to the one person who could save her world: Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet).

Paul is jolted awake as it turns out to be a dream and he is still in Caladan. However, he later tells his tutor Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa) about the dream but he reminds him that everything important happens when they are awake.

It doesn't take long before Paul and his family arrives in Arrakis and he discovers that Duncan's words are true. The real terror is happening in this desert world and Paul must make an important choice that could save everyone on the planet.

The new Dune trailer features more action as we see the Harkonnens clash against the Atreides. At one point, even Paul himself is caught up in the middle of a battle in the desert. However, it all ends on a hopeful note as Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) says it's time and we see Paul with the Fremen's blue-within-blue eyes.

What does it all mean? We won't' spoil it for you but it's definitely something to look forward to when Dune premieres in October.

Dune is directed by Denis Villeneuve and you can find out more about ithere. The film is scheduled for release on October 22, 2021.

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