16 Nov 2015 8:33 PM +00:00 UTC

New Details Emerge for the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass

Electronic Arts has just released some new information about what kind of content we'll get in the Star Wars Battlefront season pass, which costs $50. We already know that the pass includes four expansion packs, access to DLC content two weeks early, and a "shoot first" emote. EA has now confirmed that we'll also get four additional playable Heroes and Villains (though they haven't mentioned who yet), 4 new game modes, 16 new multiplayer maps, and more than 20 new weapons and vehicles.

I still think $50 is a lot for a season pass, but it's good to know that those who purchase it will receive a pretty decent amount of new content. Adding new Heroes and Villains is a big deal, as they each have unique appearances and mechanics that DICE has to work into the game. I assume we'll see one new playable character per expansion pack, along with 4 new multiplayer maps. If the scope of the maps from the Battlefront beta test were any indication, the new DLC maps will be huge and offer a lot of value. I'm still not sure that I'll get the season pass, but I'm definitely less on-the-fence than I was before getting this new information from EA. We'll keep you updated when we get more specifics about each expansion pack.