New Character Posters Dropped for Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 2

Very few comic adaptations manage to capture audiences, but Netflix's Umbrella Academy was able to pull it off. After a successful first season last year, the streaming service is ready to drop Season 2 this July. Just in, we have some new character posters featuring the Hargreeves kids.

Check them out:

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Character Posters

I have to admit, the marketing team for the show has really pulled it off when it comes to giving the series a specific aesthetic. I know the show isn't a period piece, but everything looks like it was inspired by the 70s with minimalism, and the use of "groovy" patterns.

While we don't get a straight look at the Hargreeves' faces, you can tell that a lot of them have undergone some kind of major makeover. I'm assuming Klaus is the one with the longer hair and flashy "pirate" garb, and Diego has also let his hair grow out as well.

If anyone looks the same, it's definitely Number Five, who is hilariously stuck in his little kid body and wearing his snooty school uniform. With actor Aidan Gallagher having significantly grown though, I expect they're going to try and ‘break his curse' by the time Season 2 wraps up.

We don't have a story for the second season of The Umbrella Academy yet, but we should expect some time travel shenanigans, seeing as the siblings resorted to time travel in an attempt to stop the destruction of the world. With the series set to come out in July, I expect a synopsis to be released alongside the new trailer soon.

Catch The Umbrella Academy Season 2 when it hits Netflix on July 31.

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