02 Jul 2018 1:11 PM +00:00

New Character Designs for My Hero Academia Movie Released

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is the film based on the anime and manga, so hopes are high for it. Both the anime and manga have satisfied audiences immensely, thanks to a fast pace and loveable characters. With the series' first anime movie coming out next month, many are hoping that it will be of similar quality to the show, or at the least, some killer fight scenes thanks to the bigger budget.

The official Facebook page of My Hero Academia has added some hype to the movie by revealing some of the new character designs we will be seeing in the film. Most of them are the students of class 1-A in snazzy outfits, though the one that stands out is a radically different design for All Might.

Unlike the anime or manga, we see All Might in his powered up form with actual eyes. Both the show and manga have drawn his eyes in a simpler manner, so seeing mister One for All with this design is a bit unsettling. As long as the creators put him in awesome fight scenes, no one will complain.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes comes out on August 3 in Japan. It will come to the United States in Fall 2018.

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