New Bleach Teaser Is Anything But Hollow

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The ending of Bleach might have been a bleak one for fans but they do have something to look forward to; a live-action film from Warner Bros. Japan. A new trailer for the adaptation has been released and it might please fans of the now-finished manga that. It's not very long but from what can be seen, it looks like a pretty faithful adaptation of the source material.

At only 30 seconds, there are already a couple of noteworthy things about it. We get to see what the Hollows will look like in live-action and they are impressive. Well, the one Hollow in the video is impressive. Effects have never really been a problem for anime adaptations, so let's hope the story they adopt is a good one. Seeing Ichigo kill said Hollow is kind of neat.

Honestly, it looks like the filmmakers are only adapting the first arc, which is a pretty good move for those unfamiliar with the series. Some anime adaptations like Fullmetal Alchemist try to cram in too much of the series' lore in a limited running time. Hopefully, the same doesn't happen to Bleach, though it's too early to say if that will or won't happen.

Bleach is slated for a July 20 release in Japan. There are currently no plans for an international release, though that could change given how popular the series is overseas.

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