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New Bleach and Burn the Witch Info to Be Revealed on May 28 Livestream

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With Thousand-Year Blood War returning this July, new info about Bleach and Burn the Witch will be revealed later this month in a livestream about Tite Kubo’s works.

The livestream is titled the Krew beInside Special Show, and it is an upcoming stream that will highlight the latest info about Kubo’s two popular manga.

While there’s no info yet about what exactly will be revealed, based on the announcement, there seem to be updates on the upcoming confirmed projects.

Tite Kubo to Share Bleach and Burn the Witch News This Month

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This upcoming stream was revealed on Tite Kubo's official Twitter account.

There, some details about the program were revealed, but it wasn’t shared if this will focus on manga or anime announcements.

In the announcement, it was also revealed that fans will have to tune in on May 28 at 8:00 PM JST (7:00 AM ET / 4:00 AM PT) and it will go live on the Jump Comics channel.

Given the channel where it will go live, it’s likely that these will be manga-related announcements.

While many are no doubt excited about the Bleach reveal, it’s likely that this announcement will be related to Thousand-Year Blood War.

As for Burn the Witch, it’ll also be interesting to see what gets announced.

After all, it has been a couple of years now since the manga’s last chapter was released.

Plus, there’s a confirmed “second season” for the manga coming in the future.

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What to Expect at Upcoming Bleach and Burn the Witch Event

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The original Bleach manga was finished back in 2016, and while it has continued to be popular globally, there hasn’t been any strong indication that a sequel is in the works.

Given this, the announcement may be related to Bleach: TYBW Part 2.

But there’s also a chance that a new manga project will be announced given that the reveal will be made on Weekly Shonen Jump’s YouTube channel.

As for Burn the Witch, a good bet is that the continuation of the manga’s “first season” will be revealed.

Burn the Witch began as a one-shot released in 2018. While the manga did not become a weekly serialization, it did get a 4-chapter release that’s dubbed the “first season.”

After the first season ended in 2020, a “second season” for the manga was announced. Though we’ve yet to get more info about it since then.

Given this, chances are that the next part of the manga will be revealed on May 28.

Do take note that the livestream will likely only be available in Japanese.

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Source: Tite Kubo's official Twitter account

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