Never Have I Ever Season 4 Cast, Release Date, Update: Love, Victor’s Michael Cimino Joins Final Season

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Netflix is now gearing up for Never Have I Ever Season 4, the series’ final season. The show will feature a new cast member, Michael Cimino, who will be Sherman Oaks High’s latest center of attention.

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Never Have I Ever follows the story of the Indian-American teenager Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan). After experiencing a personal loss and psychological trauma, she’s now navigating her life as a high-school student while dealing with her mom Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan). But before Never Have I Ever Season 4 ends the series, a new face is about to come.

Michael Cimino’s Never Have I Ever Season 4 Coming


According to Screenrant, Michael Cimino joins Never Have I Ever Season 4 to play the role of Ethan.

He’s a skater boy who will be the heartthrob and center of attention at Sherman Oaks High.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the 22-year-old actor started to branch out to new projects after finishing the third season of Love, Victor on Hulu and Disney+.

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By the looks of it, the young star stays committed to doing romantic-comedy series.

However, as the series is just about to release Never Have I Ever Season 3, it’s hard to predict what role he will play in Devi’s life.

But with Michael Cimino’s incredible acting, receiving a number of awards and nominations, fans will surely see more of his talent in Never Have I Ever Season 4.


Never Have I Ever Season 4 Production Update

Never Have I Ever Season 3’s production officially concluded in March 2022. After more than a month, Mindy Killing gave a major Never Have I Ever Season 4 update.

She hinted at the start of the final season’s production after posting a photo in the writers’ room.

"Never Have I Ever Writers World sounds like a very specific amusement park!!” she captioned her post on Instagram in April. “Cookin up some spicy stuff for the FINAL SEASON."

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Never Have I Ever Season 4 – The Final Season

As one of the hit series on Netflix, it’s quite a surprise to many as to why Never Have I Ever will end after four seasons.


However, the series’ creator Mindy Kaling has a good explanation for that.

"Four seasons for a high school show felt like it made sense," she told Entertainment Tonight. "They can't be in high school forever.”

“We've seen those shows. Like, you've been in high school for 12 years. What is going on here?” she continued. “Also, the actors get older and it starts looking insane that a 34-year-old is playing a 15-year-old."

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Kaling seems to be already satisfied with the time she and Netflix gave for the series.

"We really told the story of this 15-year-old girl, and that felt like the perfect amount of time,” she said.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 will premiere on August 12, while Never Have I Ever Season 4 is set to be out in 2023.

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