01 Dec 2017 11:26 AM +00:00

Netflix’s Umbrella Academy TV Series Casts 5 More Characters

Netflix's Umbrella Academy series is shaping up nicely, with popular actress Ellen Paige cast as Vanya, the powerless black sheep of her super-powered family. Now, the streaming service has announced that five more characters have been cast for the series, which shows progress. With all the announcements, it looks like more information will be coming sooner rather than later.

Tom Hopper, who most fans will recognize from Game of Thrones, has been cast as Luther aka Spaceboy. Hamilton's Emmy Raver-Lampon will be Allison, known as The Rumor in the original source material. David Castaneda is Diego, who goes by the superhero name The Kraken. Robert Sheehan from The Misfits will be playing Klaus, known as The Seance in the comics. Finally, Aidan Gallagher will be Number Five, who goes by The Boy.

Yes, Number Five is the character's real name.


Fans are very excited for this series since it comes from Gerard Way, former My Chemical Romance frontman turned comic creator, who has really done well in this medium. Umbrella Academy has received many accolades and the singer is currently in charge of DC's Young Animal line of comics, writing the heavily-delayed Doom Patrol ongoing series.

No release date has been revealed for the series.

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