Netflix's Resident Evil Faces Massive Backlash

Many fans worldwide were ecstatic when Netflix announced a new adaptation of the critically-acclaimed zombie-thriller video game Resident Evil in 2019. Now that the latest Netflix series has arrived on Netflix, fans are highly disappointed.

Although Netflix's adaptation of Resident Evil is more accurate to the video games compared to the previous franchise, sadly, the dialogue and the whole plot appear to be a common ground for the fans:

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Rotten Tomatoes also gave the show a 51-percent Tomatometer, a really rare critic rating for a show, while the audience gave a 25-percent overall rating, a discouraging rating that was never given before to a Netflix show.

Given the Resident Evil lore's massive fandom from the video games and movies, this new Netflix series could have been the perfect opportunity to introduce another groundbreaking show. But with the fan reception it currently has, this ultimately throws the show in jeopardy.

Adaptations might have worked for Netflix for different franchises, however, these live-action adaptations also require tremendous pressure. Fan receptions usually dictate whether a show could develop another season. Now that fans along with critics are dragging the show, Netflix might have to think twice if they will continue the adaptation into another season.

If ever they will, they would have to exceed more expectations this time. Netflix could focus on making the adaptation more accurate to the Resident Evil lore, or maybe introducing characters from either video games or past franchises like Milla Jovovich's Alice. Hopefully, if Resident Evil gets renewed, the dialogue and whole storyline must be improved for the fans.

For now, Netflix hasn't yet renewed Resident Evil for a second season. Meanwhile, Resident Evil Season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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