Netflix's Kingdom Season 2 Gets Early 2020 Premiere Date

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The dead are coming back to life as the South Korean series Kingdom Season 2 finally gets a premiere date on Netflix next year.

The announcement was made by Netflix on its official Instagram account. The new video features the show's three main stars Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doona, Ryu Seung-ryong confirming the good news. Check it out below.

It's only a brief video but the stars confirm that the Kingdom series will return on Netflix early next year. We're loving the announcement because we can't wait to find out how Crown Prince Yi Chang is going to deal with the attack of the zombies.

The first season concluded with the Crown Prince gathering his defenses to prepare for an overnight attack. However, the dead never came and the exhausted people believe they are safe for one more day. Unfortunately, Seo-bi makes a shocking discovery that the zombies only slept during the daytime because of the temperature. With the temperature dropping, the dead can now attack them at any time.

Can the Crown Prince find a way to defeat the zombies and prevent Minister Cho Hak-ju and his cunning daughter Queen Consort Cho from taking over his kingdom? Will Seo-bi and Beom-pal manage to escape the mysterious cave they discovered when it is surrounded by the dead? We'll finally get our answers when Kingdom Season 2 premieres next year.

Kingdom Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on March 2020.

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