Netflix’s Iron Fist Is Already Getting Some Early Reviews… And It Does Not Look Good

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The Netflix Marvel series have been having a stellar run so far with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, and Iron Fist will be the final hero entering this coming March 17. Critics have been allowed to watch the first six episodes of the series before the release — and the reviews are looking quite bad.

Here's what some people are saying about Netflix's Iron Fist:


"Debuting on Netflix on Friday, March 17, ‘Iron Fist' feels like a step backward on every level, a major disappointment that already suffers from storytelling issues through the first six episodes made available to critics and would probably be mercifully skippable in its entirety if it weren't the bridge into the long awaited ‘Defenders' crossover series." – Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter

"‘Marvel's Iron Fist' is deadly — in all the wrong ways. Not one element of this plodding piece works. The action scenes lack spark, snap, and originality. None of the flat, by-the-numbers characters makes any lasting impression. And as origin stories go, the tale of Danny Rand (Finn Jones), at least as rendered by this creative team, is about as exciting as a slice of Velveeta cheese left out in the sun too long." — Maureen Ryan, Variety

"The sad truth, however, is that ‘Iron Fist' is the weakest of Marvel's Netflix series to date. As far as diversity, representation, and appropriation go, the series fails in a number of ways. But, over the course of its first six episodes, it also manages to fall short on basic levels like storytelling. Its creative laziness bankrupts the entire show. Marvel's new series is a disappointing case study in studios needing to try harder to tell difficult stories well." — Kwame Opam, The Verge

IGN. Collider, and Den of Geek aren't so forgiving either, claiming that Iron Fist is definitely the weakest Marvel Netflix entry to date. What people should keep in mind is that — critics can't always be right. Early screenings of Batman v Superman were filled with praise before the cinematic release proved it to be one big disaster. I think it's best if fans just give the show a shot for now. Plus, what if the best episodes are in the last half of the series?

Personally, I don't understand some critics, and it feels like some of them criticize within some bandwagon mentality. If everyone hates it, you have to hate it as well. Everybody loves Daredevil and Luke Cage, but I think those series had really corny lines, and the action was its only redeeming quality (for DD at least, I did NOT like Luke Cage).

In my opinion, Jessica Jones is the best Marvel Netflix series out now. Sure it didn't have the best action, but the story was so deep, dark, and intriguing that Daredevil pales in comparison with its modern-day ninjas. Then again, that's just my opinion. Like what you like, I'm not stopping you.

Will fans like Iron Fist? Let's hope the latter half of the first season redeems itself when it airs on Netflix March 17.

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