13 Dec 2017 11:47 AM +00:00 UTC

Netflix Rebooting She-Ra With Lumberjanes Creator

She-Ra, the Princes of Power, is getting the reboot treatment from Netflix and Lumberjanes creator Noelle Stevenson will be the showrunner. It's a two-punch combo that should please those that grew up with She-Ra and He-Man in the 80's, along with anyone who happens to read the Eisner Award-winning Lumberjanes comic from Stevenson. While reboots and remakes are often seen as unnecessary, this is one series that could actually benefit from that.

Revealed by Variety, the series is being described as "an epic and timely tale that celebrates female friendship and empowerment, led by a warrior princess tailor-made for today." Those that have read Stevenson's works shouldn't be surprised by the description since female friendship is one of the core aspects of Lumberjanes. Stevenson has also worked on fantasy before with her graphic novel Nimona, so this She-Ra reboot should be in good hands.

For those unfamiliar, She-Ra was a spinoff from He-Man and was the character's twin sister, created to appeal to a young female demographic. It's not clear if we will be seeing He-Man in the new Netflix series, though he will be appearing in a Masters of the Universe reboot film.

She-Ra is expected to air in Netflix sometime in 2018.

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