Netflix Orders 10 Episodes of the Live-Action One Piece Series

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It looks like Netflix's live-action One Piece series is one step closer to becoming a reality as the streaming service has officially ordered 10 episodes for the adaptation. That is huge news and we're excited to see what they're going to do, though most of us will remain cautiously optimistic since live-action anime adaptations have a bad reputation, even the ones from Netflix. Still, with the direct involvement of creator Eiichiro Oda, it could be better than most.

Now that the series has the first season with 10 ordered episodes, we can start speculating about how this adaptation will be like. There's still no casting news or anything major like that but if all goes well, we could be getting more seasons that last 10 episodes or more. Let's just hope that the casting goes well, along with the scriptwriting.


For those unfamiliar, One Piece is a pirate anime that follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew. Luffy has the power to stretch any part of his body thanks to his consumption of the Devil Fruit. There are different kinds of Devil Fruit in this universe and they give different powers, though they all have the odd downside of not letting anyone swim.

Even without that synopsis from yours truly, One Piece is pretty well-known. You've probably seen copies of the manga in most comic book stores or a large number of video games in various stores. Chances are you've seen this show around and will see more of it once the Netflix series comes out.

No release date for the live-action One Piece series has been revealed.


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