Netflix is Spending $17 Billion on New Shows and Movies

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Netflix is huge, that doesn't need to be said, so it's not too surprising to know that the streaming service will be spending a lot of money on their original programs. That's the norm these days but it's still quite the shocker to know that Netflix will be spending $17 billion on original films and shows. It's a bit of a surprise though when you see the shows that are currently under the Netflix umbrella, they are spending their money wisely.

Reported by Variety, this is actually $2 billion up from 2019 where they spent $15 billion on their original films and movies. These originals did end up getting critical acclaim, from Stranger Things Season 3, The Irishman, Bojack Horseman Season 6, and so much more. They also tossed some of that coin to The Witcher, which has ended up being one of their best investments thus far, even after only one season.

We're also waiting for a bunch of other Netflix originals and adaptations, like Sword Art Online, One Piece, The Witcher Season 2, Lucifer Season 5, and so much more. The company will also have a number of movies to produce so we're looking forward to what will be made, including a sequel to the terribly-reviewed but well-liked Blight, among others.

Expect big things from Netflix this year. Here's hoping for more great content from them.

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