21 Oct 2021 3:39 AM +00:00 UTC

Ted Sarandos Criticized: Netflix Exec Admits Blunder With Dave Chappelle’s Special

Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Netflix, in the past week, was embroiled in a controversy regarding one of their specials, The Closer, by Dave Chappelle. Several people have raised concerns regarding the anti-trans jokes in the said show.

Following the enormous complaints the American streaming giant received regarding the special, co-CEO of Netflix Ted Sarandos revealed his feelings ab Dave Chappelle’s controversial comedy special.

Netflix did not remove the special as Sarandos believed that no line was crossed on The Closer. He furthered that the artistic freedom in the world of comedy is different from that in the standard setting. This not only gathered much anger from the Trans and LGBTQ+ community, but many of the celebrities also aired out their concerns.


Ted Sarandos Takes Back His Comments

In a brief interview with Deadline, Ted Sarandos upfront revealed that he made a mistake with his words during the height of the controversy. He admitted that he screwed up the internal communication.

Sarandos also pointed out that the group of employees, which called on a mass walk-out and were mainly from the LGBTQ+ community, were hurting badly due to his comments and decision. Furthermore, he accepted that he was at fault for not recognizing the hurt he had caused.

Sarandos also addressed his infamous comment that was leaked online where the executive claimed that The Closer had no real-world harm. This has become an infamous comment amongst the LGBTQ+ and the allies.

Ted Sarandos Comments On Not Pulling The Show From The Platform

Sarandos explained that he has no regrets in releasing the special, or not editing it, and not putting on content warning. He said stand-up comedy is a pretty singular voice art form.

“Stand-up comedy is a pretty singular voice art form. The comedians will road test the material for some times two years before they record their special so we don’t get involved and interfere with the material itself, and I think its consistent with a brand of stand-up comedy and certainly consistent with Dave Chappelle’s comedy, so I don’t think a warning card or an edit would’ve been appropriate,” Sarandos shared.

You can still watch Dave Chappelle’s special The Closer on Netflix. For more entertainment news, stay tuned only here on EpicStream.