Netflix Announces New Anime Series For King Kong and Tomb Raider

Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Netflix's library is about to expand as new titles are announced on their official Twitter page, @NXOnNetflix, for all things geek in Netflix.

Legendary will be pairing up with Netflix to produce animated series based on two well-known franchises: Skull Island based on King Kong, and Tomb Raider which will revolve around Lara Croft's adventure.

The Monsterverse will be having a new addition to its slate with the announcement of Skull Island. Skull Island will be focusing on a shipwrecked crew who gets stranded on the mysterious island considered as the most dangerous place on Earth where Kong, a giant monstrous ape hailed as the greatest titan of all resides, along with prehistoric monsters.

The writer of sci-fi films Underwater and The Babysitter, Brian Duffield, will pen the series. Powerhouse Animation will be responsible for bringing Duffield's story of Skull Island into life which will be produced by Legendary and Netflix.

Another animated series will be joining Netflix's slate as Tomb Raider enters the roster. Tomb Raider will feature Lara Croft and her adventure following the events of the reboot trilogy of the video game. Lara Croft will debut in anime as the new series will venture into her greatest and latest globetrotting adventure in a new territory.

Tasha Huo will be the writer and executive producer of Tomb Raider and joining her will be series producers Dmitri M. Johnson, Stephan Bugaj, Howard Bliss, and Jacob Robinson. It would be another Powerhouse Animation production with Legendary and Netflix.

Confirmed to undergo its production, there is no release date yet for the two anime shows. One thing for sure is that Netflix will be the home of these series.

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