04 Dec 2018 1:10 PM +00:00 UTC

Netflix and Marvel Reportedly Argued About Season Lengths

Fans are still reeling over the cancellation of Daredevil, which caused sadness and confusion since the series gave birth to all of the Marvel-Netflix shows that have enjoyed syndication. It seems like the end is nigh for Marvel's relationship with Netflix, due to Disney's new streaming service and Netflix being numero uno when it comes to this "genre" of entertainment. With fans feeling like Punisher and Jessica Jones are in death's door, fans are wondering why all of this is happening.

According to Matthew Ball, the former head of strategy for Amazon Studios, Netflix wanted to shorten the seasons to about six to eight episodes, while Marvel fought for something longer. Eventually, Netflix settled for 13 episodes, though the second season of Iron Fist had to settle for 10 after the first bored everyone to tears.

Now that Netflix is one of the biggest entertainment platforms out there, we can all see that they don't really need Marvel right now. Add the fact that Marvel is going to have a heavy presence in the upcoming Disney streaming service and this seemed inevitable, despite the fact that we all enjoyed them on Netflix.


Since Daredevil is gone, we can all assume that The Punisher and Jessica Jones are next. It seems like the days of Marvel and Netflix's relationship are over, with all of us witnessing their breakup via the cancellation of these shows.

Fans can still stream all of these shows on Netflix, at least for the foreseeable future.

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