10 Feb 2021 3:23 PM +00:00 UTC

Netflix Adapting Film and Series for Redwall Book Series

The beloved book series of Brian Jacques, Redwall, is coming to screens as Netflix recently acquired rights over the 22 novels of the book series.

Netflix announced that the creator of Cartoon Network's "Over The Garden Wall," Patrick McHale, would pen the feature film of Redwall. The feature film will be based on the first book of the 22-novel series of Redwall.

Netflix also confirms that there would be an event series that will be based on the character of the book, Martin the Warrior.

Penguin Random House Children's Fiction Publisher Ben Horslen expressed his delight as regards the announcement of the deal of the publishing house with Netflix to bring into life the stories inside Redwall for families across the globe to enjoy.


Netflix acquired the rights to the whole book series which will be the first time for Redwall to have its entirety under one company. It would also be the first time Redwall to have a feature film.

Brian Jacques' fantasy novel series Redwall is about heroic anthropomorphic animals residing in Redwall Abbey in celebration of the Summer of the Late Rose. An evil rat, Cluny the Scourge, arrives to destroy the happy feast as he decides to take on Redwall for himself, plotting an army of vermin to ward off and destroy those who live in Redwall.

The book series has sold 30 million copies around the globe and has captured many avid readers on the tale of heroism played out by mice, hares, moles, and badgers.

The book series was published in 1986 by Brian Jacques who died in 2011. The last book of the series was published posthumously a few months after his death.

A television series had been produced in the early 2000s but the Netflix acquisition would be the first time of the series to have all the 22 novels under one production company.

Netflix has been investing in animated series recently and Redwall is one of the many titles which will be given the spotlight under the said streaming platform.

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