NCIS Season 19 Episode 17 Recap: What You May Have Missed

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The apparent suicide of a former Navy officer who was a member of Palmer and Knight's grief group is investigated by NCIS. Torres is also summoned to Hawai'i by NCIS Special Agent Jane Tennant, who has a lead on a witness from a case they worked on together. Here's what you might have missed in NCIS Season 19 Episode 17!

NCIS Season 19 Episode 17 Recap

The plot of the show revolved around Thomas Miller, a former Navy pilot who had died. Tobias Fornell was his grief sponsor, and he was a member of Palmer and Knight's grieving support group.

Thomas had joined the group following the death of Stacey Jordan, a member of his squad, in a helicopter accident. He felt responsible for her murder and had gotten threats from her father as a result of what had occurred.

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Tim investigates reports that his daughter is alive after visiting with the bereaved father.

McGee and Nick believe this is dubious, especially given Jordan's possession of her ashes. They suspect it is an organization operating overseas that preys on military families.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 17: Preparing for Hawaii

While Tim focuses on one aspect of the investigation, Parker, Knight, and Torres investigate what is going on. They learn that Thomas is married to two women and has a little girl with his current bride.

Parker gets some information despite being struck in the head with a frame after telling her the news. Thomas had been with her and their baby the day before when he became frightened and bolted. He had seen his brother-in-law's car it turned out. This is his first wife Olive's brother, and he was well aware that he had been discovered.

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At first, it appears that he is to blame until Kasie discovers a partial DNA match on the murder weapon. Parker and Dr. Grace Confalone confront Olive in order to obtain a confession, and she admits to confronting her husband, which resulted in his death.

Overall, the case was minor and served mostly as a springboard for Torres and Knight's trip to Hawaii. Tim got to give some closure to a grieving parent, and we got to watch Fornell bond with someone else who was also grieving for their daughter. Even though he had mostly a link through Gibbs, we hope to see Fornell through his grief journey in the future.

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NCIS Season 19 Episode 17 teased a romance between Kasie and Piper, one of the cyber unit's tech trolls. It was a nice treat to see Kasie happy after a difficult few weeks, especially after being poisoned.

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