Naruto Goes Viral Thanks to 2021 Met Gala Meme

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Naruto recently became viral online thanks to a Met Gala 2021 meme that hilariously reminded fans of one character's unique ninja technique.

The annual fashion event happened this week, and people around the world checked to see what crazy outfits would show up at the event. Many celebrities got the world's attention, and one star's outfit inspired an anime fan to create a meme featuring Shikimaru Nara, one of the characters from Masashi Kishimoto's popular shonen series.

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Credit: Shueisha

The meme recently surfaced on social media thanks to Tony Weaver Jr., who used the photo of Kim Kardashian's wild Met Gala outfit to bring Shikimaru to the real world, and by the time of this writing, the meme has been shared over seventy thousand times on Twitter.

As you can see in the meme embedded above, Shikimaru is added into a shot of Kim in her all-black dress. The Kardashian's outfit made it look like Shikimaru cast his shadow paralysis jutsu, and it looks like the ninja's shadow has walked down the Met Gala carpet.

The virality of the meme shows the massive popularity of the Naruto franchise, which is still being continued by new sagas centered on the titular hero's son, Boruto. It was recently reported that Naruto is one of the highest-ranked kids show on U.S. Netflix's list along with Avatar: The Last Airbender. One of the most epic fights from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations also became Crunchyroll's most-viewed video on its official YouTube channel.

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If you're a fan of the manga series, don't forget that a new chapter of Boruto will be released later this week. You can read more details about the upcoming chapter here.