Naofumi’s Strongest Shields in The Rising of the Shield Hero Ranked

Naofumi’s Strongest Shields in The Rising of the Shield Hero Ranked

Naofumi’s Strongest Shields in The Rising of the Shield Hero Ranked

Out of all isekai anime, Shield Hero gets a lot of praise for its realism. However, the series is still full of classic fantasy RPG mechanics, and this is clearly seen in Naofumi’s strongest shields in The Rising of the Shield Hero.

We’ve gone through the anime series so far to pick out Naofumi’s most powerful shields. This is an anime-friendly list that avoids spoilers from the Shield Hero light novels, so join us as we take a look through the strongest shields so far!

Note that this list is based on each shield’s ability in combat. There are so many other shields that offer unique bonuses in specific scenarios – such as gathering, mining and cooking – that it would be almost impossible to decide the absolute best shield for every scenario.

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What is Naofumi’s Shield?

Naofumi’s Strongest Shields Explained
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For those that need reminding, Naofumi wields the Legendary Shield, one of four Legendary Weapons used by heroes summoned to the story’s main world.

Each Legendary Weapon – the Bow, Spear, Sword and Shield – has unique characteristics, capabilities and restrictions. They also share some characteristics, particularly concerning what the Legendary Heroes can and cannot do.

As the only primarily defensive weapon, the Legendary Shield is naturally less capable on the offensive. However, by absorbing materials, Naofumi unlocks different versions of the Shield that come with unique abilities. Some of the versions he unlocks give Naofumi more attack power, allowing him to become one of the strongest characters in The Rising of the Shield Hero.

However, what Shield is the strongest? We’ve put together a ranking below:

  1. Rope Shield

    One of the first times we see the Legendary Shield transform in the Shield Hero anime is when it becomes the Rope Shield.

    While it’s not very offensively capable, the rope still presents some usefulness in combat, particularly when it comes to moving around an area quickly. The Rope Shield also helps Naofumi unlock Air Strike Shield, an ability that he uses frequently in most fights.

  2. Two-Headed Black Dog Shield

    One of the first shields with an offensive capability unlocked is the Two-Headed Black Dog Shield, achieved after Naofumi saves Raphtalia from one of the monsters.

    Compared to most of his later shields, the Black Dog shield’s attack strength is quite minimal. Still, you need to start somewhere!

  3. Chimera Viper Shield

    One of the first notably strong shields Naofumi gets is the Chimera Viper Shield, which offers notable offensive and defensive strengths.

    Offensively, the Chimera Viper Shield can deliver a nasty counterattack by lashing out and poisoning those that try to attack Naofumi with this shield. The Shield Hero uses this ability both in and out of combat, also utilising it as a form of interrogation. This shield can also be used as a hook similar to the Rope Shield.

    Defensively, the Viper Shield offers Naofumi a level of poison resistance. It’s a handy shield to turn to against the right opponents!

  4. Soul Eater Shield

    The big fight at the end of season 1 sees Naofumi and his crew go up against the Vassal Heroes from another world. In his fight against Glass, Naofumi’s Soul Eater Shield really comes into its own.

    The Soul Eater Shield specialises in SP, or Spirit Power. Essentially, SP is what the Heroes rely on to activate their unique moves. The Sould Eater Shield not only buffs Naofumi’s SP, but it can also attack opponents to drain their SP.

    These buffs are what made the Soul Eater Shield so powerful against the other Heroes. It only took a few attacks against Glass for the Soul Eater Shield to turn the tide of battle.

  5. Whale Shield

    This shield made its first appearance at the beginning of Shield Hero Season 2, which left many fans wondering what it might be. This might be a slight spoiler, but following the pattern of the series so far, it’s perhaps unsurprising that this latest shield is one of Naofumi’s strongest yet.

    The Whale Shield, gained from the boss of Shield Hero Season 1’s final wave, doesn’t offer too many advantages from the very beginning. However, by the time the shield is mastered, it comes with some pretty powerful counterattacks! We won’t spoil anything, but this is certainly a shield to keep an eye on.

  6. Shield of Wrath

    While Naofumi unlocks a lot of shields by gathering materials, his most powerful one came from the Shield itself.

    The Shield of Wrath forms part of the Curse Series – a dark side to the Legendary and Vassal Weapons that comes to the wielder’s aid during moments of psychological trauma.

    While Naofumi pays a significant cost for its use, the Shield of Wrath is vital to his early success. The Shield provides Naofumi with his most powerful attacks while also improving his overall strength.

Anime fans can rest assured that Naofumi is only just starting his development when it comes to the Legendary Shield. We can’t wait to see bigger and better weapons emerge as the seasons progress!

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