Nadia Call of Duty Cheating and Doxxing Scandals Explained

Nadia & Cheating at Call of Duty 3
Credit: Nadia Amine

Nadia & Cheating at Call of Duty 3
Credit: Nadia Amine

Nadia Amine has been making headlines in the gaming world for quite some time now for a cheating scandal as well as a doxxing scandal, but what exactly is going on with this Call of Duty streamer? Not to worry, because in this article we'll tell you everything you need to know about the Nadia Call of Duty cheating and doxxing scandals.

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Nadia & Cheating at Call of Duty

Nadia & Cheating at Call of Duty
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Credit: Nadia Amine

To put it simply, Nadia Amine is a Call of Duty content creator, and she's been accused of cheating, consistently, for quite some time by many on the internet.

The accusations don't have much in the way of hard proof, other than clips that people argue are evidence, while others argue that angry gamers on the internet don't want to see a female content creator successful at Call of Duty so they convince themselves there must be cheating at play.

The problem here is that it's extraordinarily hard to prove someone's cheating in a game like Call of Duty. If you play mouse and keyboard, for example, if you get good enough you'll be able to pull off insane flicks where you lock onto people's heads in a way that looks like aimbot. But it isn't.

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On the controller side, well, a really good controller player knows how to use the game's aim assist to their maximum advantage. So, it can look like there's some kind of sticky aim or aim tracking at play when, well, there's not, and instead, there's just the aim assist that the game shipped with.

Some argue that Nadia played much worse at a MW2 LAN event than she did on stream, so that proves she's a cheater. However, it's a pretty well-known concept that people will play worse at events than from the comfort of their home and setup, to say nothing of playing competitively on a game you're unfamiliar with, even if it's similar to the one you play.

Then, of course, when watching Call of Duty clips it's next to impossible to read audio cues from those clips, so it's often possible that a gamer will hear a noise and be looking in a particular direction to find an enemy where the actual noise doesn't really come through in the clip, so it can look like they have walls.

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All of this is to say that, whether Nadia is cheating or not, the clips circulating online and the 'evidence' provided are ultimately circumstantial and don't really prove anything. While it could be the case she's got an elaborate setup of hacks going on at her personal PC, well, there just isn't any proof of that.

However, feel free to judge for yourself. Search up 'Nadia cheating' on YouTube and you'll be buffeted with clips and breakdowns. Take a look for yourself, and decide if you think that there's any good evidence of cheating out there,

Nadia & Doxxing

Nadia & Cheating at Call of Duty 2
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Credit: Nadia Amine

As you might expect, Nadia doesn't like being accused of cheating, even if she's willing to joke about the accusation and brush them off. This distaste, though, is what's got her in hot water recently.

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During a stream, Nadia was reading out donations, until she got to a donation where the donater accused her, once again, of cheating. Nadia's response was to let the donater know that, thanks to PayPal, she has access to his full name. Then, she reads out the full name a few times to shame the donater for accusing her of cheating.

Reading out someone's private, personal information is considered doxxing, and it's against the Twitch terms of service, the site she was streaming on. Accordingly, she was banned. However, hours later, she was unbanned. Many have complained that it felt like Nadia was getting special treatment when she was clearly in the wrong and deserved some kind of consequence.

However, others argue that if you're going to talk trash directly to a streamer you shouldn't be protected by anonymity, especially so if you're willing to talk that trash on accounts tied to your real identity. Essentially a screw around and find out policy. Huge content creators have taken different sides on this issue.

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Hasan Piker, for example, doesn't think that Nadia should have read the person's full name out but argues she shouldn't be banned. On the other hand, Asmongold thinks that this is a clear violation of terms of service such that Nadia should be banned for a while, at the very least.

Like most instances of doxxing, it's a relatively gray area. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of real-life actual harm that's been caused by this instance of doxxing, but for many, it's how Nadia has reacted to the scandal that rubs them the wrong way. Nadia tweeted out after the ban that she didn't really understand why she was banned and seemed to brush off the doxxing as if it were simply no big deal at all.

For many, it seems, that if Nadia simply apologized, said she let her anger get the better of her, and promised not to read people's full name anymore, then everything would be more or less fine. But her blase attitude about the whole thing is what's lead other people, like Asmongold, to come to the conclusion that Nadia really ought to have some consequences for what she's done.

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