My Tiny Senpai Episode 6 Delayed, New Release Date Announced

My Tiny Senpai Episode 6 Shiori Katase

My Tiny Senpai Episode 6 Shiori Katase

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It seems that we’re heading for a repeat of Winter 23 as yet another anime has been delayed. The next anime to get moved is My Tiny Senpai, with Episode 6 of the series getting postponed.

The show’s hiatus was revealed via the official website and Twitter account. No specific reason was revealed for the delay, but the production likely ran into some issues.

This is the latest in the string of delays that have affected Summer 23 titles, though this is surprisingly far from the worst affected.

Yet Another Summer 2023 Anime Is Delayed

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Anime delays aren’t new as many shows get sudden hiatus periods. However, the Winter 23 season was among the most affected, with many high-profile shows like NieR: Automata Ver1.1a getting lengthy delays.

Following the winter season, Spring 23 was also affected by sudden hiatus periods, with shows like Oshi no Ko and Gundam: Witch from Mercury getting delayed. Thankfully, these delays were quite short.

Now though, the delays are back, and this time, it seems like we’re heading for a repeat of Winter 23.

To start, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 – arguably the biggest anime of the season – announced a three-week-long hiatus to get ready for the Shibuya Incident arc.

While this is a major delay, there is at least a good reason for it. The Shibuya Incident is the series’ biggest arc, so it makes sense that MAPPA is making sure the staff has enough time to do it justice.

Then there’s Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. After a short streaming delay for Episode 4, the show’s fifth episode has been delayed by one week. These successive delays may mean we’ll see more in the future.

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My Tiny Senpai Episode 6 Gets New Release Date

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The latest Summer 23 anime to get delayed is My Tiny Senpai. Specifically, the show’s staff announced that Episode 6 will be delayed by one week, meaning it won’t air in its original August 12 timeslot.

There were no details given regarding the delay, though the hiatus will only be for one week, meaning fans won’t have to wait too long.

Of course, there’s a fear that more delays are coming. Based on the big hiatuses of the year though, severely affected shows usually get delayed for longer at the start.

My Tiny Senpai Episode 6 will be released on August 19, 2023.

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