12 Dec 2017 12:33 PM +00:00 UTC

My Hero Academia: The Movie Gets Official Website and Preview Art

It looks like last week's reports were accurate, as the first My Hero Academia anime film has officially been announced. Simply called My Hero Academia: The Movie, it starts showing in Japanese theaters in the summer of 2018. Not many details were given but fans will be happy to know that series creator Kohei Horikoshi will be involved with supervising the story, as well as character designs.

Fans can check out the film's site here, though it is completely in Japanese. Translations from Anime Mojo have confirmed that Kenji Nagasaki, the director of the My Hero Academia anime series, will be helming the film. Yosuke Kuroda, who scripts the anime, will be writing the screenplay for the movie. Considering how well done the show is, it looks like the series' first film is in good hands.

Here's what series creator Horikoshi had to say about the film:

"I did not believe it at all when I heard that they might be making a film, but I have been more than happy since I learned that it was really happening. Not to mention Deku and others' action, I think that the film will have a lot of content, such as a certain character's past that has not been told in the manga story yet and flashy action scenes that can be shown only in a film. You can look forward to it!"

Fans who are not caught up with My Hero Academia can watch the first two seasons on Crunchyroll. The first season is also on Netflix for certain countries.

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