My Hero Academia Studio Thanks Fans But Tells Them to Stop Sending Story Pitches

Studio Bones has done a mostly great job animating My Hero Academia, though Season 4 may have been the weakest in terms of animation, despite some really strong storylines. The series is also known for doing the occasional fan contest and having those designs appear on the show and manga, with Bubble Girl being the biggest example. However, it looks like Studio Bones is done taking fan suggestions as the company released a statement about it.

Releasing a statement on their official website (translated by Anime News Network), Bones actually thanked fans for their enthusiasm at first, the most polite way to break up with someone, before telling them that they won't be accepting fan pitches anymore. They went on to great detail about how and why they won't do it, which can be read below.

We thank you for your interest toward Bones, Inc. and its work.
Please note that Bones, Inc. does not accept suggestions or ideas from the general public. These include but are not limited to stories, characters, and names, marketing or public relation measures/strategies, etc.
This is to avoid any unfortunate disputes or controversies that may arise from any coincidental identicality or similarities between the submitted ideas and intellectual property originally developed by Bones, Inc.

It seems like Bones doesn't want to end up like Kyoto Animation, which was burned down by a man who claimed that they stole his novel. Obviously, he's crazy and even if they did steal his novel, burning down a whole studio and killing a bunch of innocent people wasn't worth it. We understand why Studio Bones and other studios might be making statements like this for the foreseeable future.

My Hero Academia will be returning for Season 5, though no release date has been given.

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