130 Episodes of One Piece are Coming to Netflix This Friday

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As we wait for Netflix's live-action One Piece to set sail, fans are more than happy about the fact that the anime is coming to the popular streaming service this Friday. This is going to be a huge binge-watch for a lot of people since Netflix is going to add the first 130 episodes of One Piece, which barely scrapes how many episodes (and manga chapters) have been released since then. Still, if you've been dying to try out some One Piece, this is for you.

Fans will be able to enjoy The East Blue Saga and Alabasta Saga when they hit Netflix this Friday, June 12. That's obviously a lot of episodes to digest, with veteran One Piece fans likely watching this just so they can feel a nostalgic rush or to see how their loved ones react. Either way, it looks like we're going to have a lot of online watch parties with our anime pals.


This is basically just an appetizer since One Piece is massive and if you want to digest all of it, you'll have to accept that this is a way of life. Watch one or two episodes a day, or maybe try to completely digest the manga, which is probably the best way to take in this franchise. Still, there are some spectacular fights in the anime so fans should still give it a watch. It's not like there's anything else better to do these days.

You won't have to wait much longer if you want to see how Monkey D. Luffy starts his adventure. One Piece is coming to Netflix on June 12.

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