My Hero Academia Season 6 Shows Off Pro Heroes in New Key Visual

My Hero Academia Season 6 Pro Heroes
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi / BONES

My Hero Academia Season 6 Pro Heroes
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi / BONES

With the next season’s release happening in just a few months, My Hero Academia Season 6 revealed a new key visual featuring ten pro heroes that will play big roles in the series’ return.

The new visual was shared via the official My Hero Academia Twitter account, along with a link to the updated character page on the website.

Check out the new visual here:

This new visual features the current #1 ranked hero Endeavor, with Hawks and All-Might beside him. At the top are other prominent pro heroes, including Midnight, Ryukyu, Fat Gum, and Mt. Lady.

Rounding out the hero lineup in the key visual are Present Mic, Eraserhead, and the fan-favorite Mirko.

To go alongside this new visual, several pro heroes have had their character pages updated with new art on the My Hero Academia official website. There, fans can see the likes of Endeavor, Hawks, and Mirko in new action poses.

Previously, the main key visual for the anime was released. While this visual also features some pro heroes, it mostly highlighted some Class 1-A members, as well as members of the League of Villains.

My Hero Academia is a TV anime by studio Bones that’s based on the manga of the same name by Kohei Horikoshi. It began with a 13-episode first season back in 2016, and since then has been renewed for new seasons with 25 episodes each.

This latest season adapts the Paranormal Liberation War arc of the manga. According to promotional materials as well as fan discussion, this arc promises to be among the biggest of the series yet.

Specifically, it will follow an all-out war between the pro heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front led by Tomura Shigaraki, as seen in the events of season 5’s second half.

My Hero Academia Season 6 will premiere on October 1, 2022. The series is confirmed to stream on Crunchyroll shortly after each episode’s release in Japan.

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