My Hero Academia Season 5 Reportedly Confirmed By Manga

There is little doubt that people have been concerned about the future of My Hero Academia after the end of the fourth season this week. Some were worried that the current season may have been the final one for the anime. However, it looks like there is still hope for Season 5.

The confirmation comes from the Weekly Shonen Jump Twitter account which shared a tease from its upcoming issue. Take a look at the tweet below.

"My Hero Academia Season 5 has officially been confirmed in Issue #19!" the caption reads.

Not surprisingly, fans were first wary of the news considering that it was dropped just a few hours after April Fools. However, it looks like the series could be moving forward.

For now, there hasn't been an official announcement about My Hero Academia Season 5 from Bones, Inc or Funimation. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to an official confirmation soon.

The fourth season of My Hero Academia has not yet ended. In the 24th episode Japanese Hero Billboard Chart, the top ten heroes were revealed and it was confirmed that the Dragon Hero Ryukyu has dropped a rank and is now at the tenth place. In addition to that, the new Number One hero is now the Legendary Peacekeeper, the Fiery Hero named Endeavor. Moreover, Dabi of the League of Villains has sent Nomu to go after the heroes.

The final episode of My Hero Academia Season 4 is titled His Story. The finale will air on Funimation on April 4.

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