06 Jun 2019 1:54 PM +00:00 UTC

My Hero Academia: Check Out The Big Three's Superhero Costumes for Season 4

My Hero Academia is this generation's main shonen anime. It's what Naruto and Dragon Ball was for a lot of older anime fans, though if we're being honest, hardcore fans of the genre are also enjoying My Hero. How can you not when it has bombastic battles, stellar animation, and fun characters, not to mention enough self-awareness (for now anyway) that prevents it from making the same mistakes as other shonen anime.

Season 3 recently introduced The Big 3 to the series. No not Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor but Mirio Togata, Nejiro Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki. We only saw Togata in action during the big finale to season 3 but he showed just how strong he is, taking out Deku and most of his classmates during a surprisingly quick squash match. If Togata is that strong and Hado and Amajiki are on his level, we can only imagine what these two heroes are capable of.


Now we have our first look at their superhero costumes:Fans of the manga have already seen this since it's ahead of the anime by a longshot. Still, it's hard not to watch the anime thanks to the stellar fights and catchy music. Hopefully, season 4 has the same consistency that made previous seasons must-watch tv for many.

My Hero Academia season 4 is coming out in October.

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