My Hero Academia Chapter 370 Spoilers, Leaks Feature a Mezo Shoji Face Reveal

My Hero Academia Chapter 370 Spoilers Shoji

My Hero Academia Chapter 370 Spoilers Shoji

After a one-week break, My Hero Academia is back with another chapter that will be released this weekend. Ahead of its release, My Hero Academia Chapter 370 spoilers have leaked online which reveal new info, including a Shoji face reveal.

Every week, spoilers for the series typically get leaked online, and the latest chapter is no exception.

Right now, you might want to be careful if you don’t want to see images from the manga as raw scans are currently out in the wild.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible My Hero Academia Chapter 370 spoilers in this article.

My Hero Academia Chapter 370 Story Spoilers

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The last chapter ended with a look at the villain Shuichi Iguchi aka Spinner, though his appearance is much larger probably due to All For One strengthening his power.

This upcoming chapter focuses on the events at the Central Hospital instead of Deku and All For One’s climactic fight.

Specifically, it shows Present Mic along with other heroes face off against Spinner and the other Paranormal Liberation Front Members.

Kurogiri is the goal of the villains here as All For One will likely need him for his powerful Warp Gate Quirk.

my hero academia present mic
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Despite being heavily outnumbered, Present Mic and the heroes are trying to prevent the villains from reaching Kurogiri.

Present Mic is attacked by a mutant shark, but he is saved by Class 1-A’s Koji Koda.

However, Koda is soon knocked to the ground by villains with mutant-type quirks, calling Koda a traitor.

Meanwhile, Spinner mindlessly makes his move but is stopped by Mezo Shoji from Class 1-A.

In their fight, Shoji’s mask gets removed, finally showing his face.

My Hero Academia Shoji's Face Reveal

my hero academia shoji nejire
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Shoji is a classmate of Deku and company who has a mutant-type quirk called Dupli-Arms.

This quirk gives him tentacles that can replicate into eyes or ears, giving him enhanced senses. These tentacles can also be wings.

In the series, Shoji’s face has never been revealed as he always covers it with a mask. But in the latest chapter leaks, it seems that fans will finally get a good look at his face.

This is reminiscent of the previous face reveal of Toru Hagakure aka Invisible Girl.

Of course, you might want to take these spoilers with a grain of salt as these are not yet confirmed.

To find out what officially happens, you’ll have to wait until Chapter 370’s release this weekend in Weekly Shonen Jump and Manga Plus.

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