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Murder Mystery 2 Showcases Incredible Chemistry Between Sandler & Aniston, Writer Says

Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are returning to their characters Nick and Audrey Spitz for Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2, and writer James Vanderbilt has only good things to say about the duo.

The two stars were recently spotted on the set of the Netflix movie in Oahu, Hawaii. Aniston, 52, was dressed in a green top and a flower-patterned skirt, while Sandler, 55, was dressed in a blue button-down shirt and blue pants.

Murder Mystery 2: ‘Pure Fun Comedy’

Vanderbilt tells Screen Rant that Sandler and Aniston are great to work with and that their on-screen chemistry is fantastic, adding he wrote Murder Mystery as a love letter to his wife and was pleased with the opportunity to write a screenplay that is "pure fun comedy."

According to the writer, he was thrilled to include Sandler and Aniston's married couple in a fresh chapter and thinks the movie is "really good."

Adam [Sandler] and Jen [Aniston] are incredible and they just have such great chemistry. It's so much fun to be able to make a movie like that. A lot of the things I've done have been more serious, or action-y, or what have you. So just a pure fun comedy, that was something I was really excited to do.

What to Expect in Murder Mystery 2

When a chance encounter leads to them both being framed for the murder of an old billionaire, Nick, a New York officer, and Audrey, his wife, travel on a European vacation to revive their marriage.

The sequel would be "another international adventure full of intrigue and hijinks," according to TV Line in September.

Murder Mystery 2's plot and release date are still unknown at this time. In the sequel, though, Sandler and Aniston's dynamic duo will be expected to tackle a new level of sleuthing and investigative work.

In June 2019, Netflix announced that in just three days, the first movie had been viewed by over 30 million people.

At the time, the streamer said the movie's debut was "the biggest opening weekend ever for a Netflix film."

Murder Mystery is Aniston and Sandler's second collaboration, following the 2011 romantic comedy Just Go With It. The two friends are making their third film together with the sequel.

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