Mulan Faces More Backlash as Disney Film Thanks Chinese Region Known for Human Rights Violations

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The live-action reboot of Mulan may have overcome its problem of having a delayed release but that doesn't mean that the film's troubles are finally over. After protesters reignited their boycott of the Disney flick due to Liu Yifei's support of Hong Kong police, the movie is now facing backlash for thanking a Chinese region connected to human rights violations.

It all started when people noticed that the end credits of Mulan feature a "special thanks" to eight government entities in the Xinjiang region in China. As io9 points out, the credits include four CCP propaganda departments as well as the Public Security Bureau in the city of Turpan.

So what is so notable about this location. Some reports have stated that the area has several detention camps that target the Turkish-speaking Uighur people. Sadly, it is believed that Muslims are detained in these camps where they are subjected to brutal "reeducation" techniques.

Author Jeannette Ng tweeted about the credits in Mulan and pointed out that the region was mentioned since most of the movie was filmed there.

"Mulan specifically thank the publicity department of CPC Xinjiang uyghur autonomous region committee in the credits. You know, the place where the cultural genocide is happening," Ng wrote. "They filmed extensively in Xinjiang, which the subtitles call "Northwest China'."

The hashtag #BoycottMulan once again trended after the release of the film on Disney+ when activists reminded people how Liu, who plays Mulan in the movie, voiced her support for the Hong Kong police back in August 2019.

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